About Us

You may be concerned about what you are making as a music professional. We welcome you to the best beat-per-minute calculator online. BPM Test lets you measure, calculate or establish your song tempo. Sometimes, you need to test BPM more than once to avoid human error and get an accurate result.

We designed this tool as a result of the professional musicians' suggestion. They said they always want to check the beats of their creation to make it perfect as they require. But it was hard to check always manually does the tempo matches their requirements. Off-course they are sensitive listeners so that they can recognize it is matching their needs, but sometimes it does not help them. Hence, they suggest that to create an online tool that will check the music beats per minute by just pressing any keyboard key.

This tool always keeps in the eye of musicians, professional YouTuber's, health-conscious folks, and Radio Host who want to create a unique playlist for their audiences.

So, keep checking BPM (beat per minute) at BPM Test. It is free of cost and off-course with unlimited access. Use it wisely and as much you want. And if you want to suggest something or report any bug you can contact us by contact-us page.