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What are beats per hour?

Beats per hour[BPH] refers to the number of beats within 60 minutes. Beats per hour is a unit typically used in watches, for measuring the tempo of a piece of music or for measuring heart rate or pulse rate. Beats per hour calculator helps to convert beats per minute into BPH. A tempo marking of 80 beats per minute equates to 4,800 beats per hour.

Beats per second versus beats per minute versus beats per hour

Beat per second - It refers to no of beats per second. 60 BPM equals 1 BPS.

Beats per minute - It refers to no of beats per minute. BPM is used excessively by music professionals.

Beats per hour - It refers to the number of beats per hour. 80 BPM equals 4,800 BPH.

Who can use beats per hour mode?

  1. Beats per hour test lets you measure, calculate or establish your song tempo. Musicians, music professionals, and dancers always want to check the beats of their creations to make them perfect as they require. Beats per hour calculator helps them check the music beats per hour by just pressing any keyboard key.
  2. Beats per hour calculator helps you create workout music of your choice. It allows you to create a playlist that corresponds to your workout beats.
  3. Beats per hour calculator lets you find out your heart beating rate.
  4. Beats per hour are also used in watches. It refers to the number of times a balance wheel rotates within 60 minutes.
  5. Professional YouTubers, health-conscious folks, and radio hosts use beats per hour calculators to create a unique playlist for their audience.

How to use beats per hour Mode?

STEP 1: Hit the start button on the panel above or any key[for example, the space bar] on your keyboard to start the BPH calculator.

STEP 2: Then, you can start tapping with your mobile/tablet devices. On computers/laptops, you can start with any key on your keyboard. You only have to tap in the quarter notes for a few seconds to calculate BPH. However, the longer you tap the beat, the more accurate the result will be. For most songs, it usually takes 10 to 15 taps to determine the tempo.

STEP 3: The tempo of the song will be displayed on your screen. It will change if you slow down or speed up. So, keep it steady.

STEP 4: You can start all over again by clicking the restart again button. You can also press 'Escape' on your keyboard to reset the BPH counter. The calculator resets itself automatically after three seconds.

Follow these steps a couple of times to get errorless results.

Features of Beats per hour

  • It has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • It is free of cost and 100% open source to use.
  • You can instantly get the BPH of a song by simply tapping the beat on your keyboard, clicking the mouse or mobile screen.
It is 100% free of cost with unlimited access. Use the BPH calculator wisely and as much you want.